Port Brand Striper Cam

Striped bass have been coming up the Kennebunk River since long before Kennebunkport became a tourist destination. These protected, migratory fish, known as stripers, come into estuaries and rivers to breed and nurse their young. Over the years, the pilings beneath The Clam Shack have become a very popular striper hang out.

The discerning striper of the last few generations knows that diners often accidentally drop morsels off the rail of our deck. The flip side of that accident is the thrill of seeing a big fish come after your French fry. Locals and tourists alike often gather on the incoming tide to see the stripers rise among the other opportunistic wildlife…gulls and mallards compete with the fish for treats at The Shack.

Owner Steve Kingston installed our first Striper Cam years ago on a piling under the building. Guests and employees were mesmerized by seeing the stripers zip past the lens, broadcast on a monitor in the Market. Inspired by our Bridge Cam, which showed the Lanigan Bridge construction in real time, Steve Rube Goldberged a system to stream the striper action live to our website. Our Port Brand Striper Cam can be streamed anytime, but the action is the hours when the tide is rising, late spring through early fall.

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